Structure and Governance

The Institute is one of the ten institutes that comprise the School of Advanced Study of the University of London. As such, while enjoying considerable autonomy it is subject to the over-arching governance structures of the School and the University. The Director reports to the Dean of the School. He or she is also a member of the Directorate, which meets regularly to discuss matters pertaining to the University, the School and its Institutes.

The Institute operates according to the terms of reference contained within its Scheme, which includes its mission statement and gives information on the role and remit of its Advisory Council. It also shares the School's commitment to the equal opportunities policies established by the University of London.

The Institutes of the School of Advanced Study are subject to broadly quinquennial review by a panel containing external representatives (from the subject community within the Colleges of the University of London, and from at least one institute other than the one being reviewed). Reviews focus on the Institute’s activities and achievements, with particular reference to the balance between research, research facilitation and teaching; an examination of  all aspects of the current mission and Strategic Plan of the Institute in the context both of the facilitating mission of the School as defined by the funding arrangements and of the views of the academic community in the relevant discipline.