2011 - 2012

Symposium - The Instrument in Musical Performance

Choreographing the Instrument, Body and Ensemble

Speaker: Neil Heyde (RAM)

‘Music is nothing more than a Decoration of Silence' (Marsilio Ficino, c.1485)

Speaker: Anthony Rooley

'The least expressive instrument' (Harold Bauer, 1917)

Speaker: Mine Dogantan Dack (Middlesex)

Conference - (M)other Russia: Evolution or Revolution

Russia Now

Speaker: Sir Rodrick Braithwaite (former UK Ambassador to Russia)

Conference - Musical Geographies of Central Asia

East vs West: regional styles of dombyra performance and their representation in music practice and discourse in modern Kazakhstan

Speaker: Saida Daukeyeva (IMR)

The Geography of Possibility: Mapping the Future of the Past in Central Asian Music

Speaker: Theodore Levin (Dartmouth College)

Narratives of Ancientness and Kazakh Nationhood in the Music of the 'Turan' Ensemble

Speaker: Megan M Rancier (Bowling Green State University)

The body and the landscape in Kyrgyz poetics: topography resonance and image in contemporary Kyrgyz epic

Speaker: Stephanie Bunn (St Andrews)