Liza Lim

Internationally acclaimed composer Liza Lim combines the intelligence of modernism with visceral energy and vibrant colour. A recurring thematic thread in her music is the exploration of the idea of crossing cultural boundaries and of ecstatic transformation. Her compositions explore a range of resources from opera and the orchestra to visual arts installations, often including non-Western instruments and have been performed by some of the world's most eminent ensembles. Notably, she was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic to write the large orchestral work, Ecstatic Architecture to celebrate the inaugural season of the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2004.


Liza Lim: The Navigator

The Navigator Andrew Watts, countertenor
The Beloved Talise Trevigne, coloratura soprano
First Siren/ The Crone Philip Larson, bass baritone
Second Siren/ The Fool Omar Ebrahim, baritone
Third Siren/ The Angel of History Deborah Kayser, Baroque alto
Elision Ensemble

Liza Lim: Invisibility

Performer: Séverine Ballon

Liza Lim: Songs found in dream

Performers: Elision Ensemble