This project creates an archive of musical performances, masterclasses, workshops, rehearsals, lecture-recitals and other sonic-based material that is either research-valid or of direct interest to researchers in the several areas of practice-based musical research.  It includes examples of different types of musics, and interactive computer-supported performance in digital audio and video format, affording an open-access, online multimedia repository of downloadable material for the purposes of research, study and teaching.  It offers performers, composers and other researchers whose findings are best expressed through real-time and sonic events a platform for the dissemination of their work, whilst scholars will find a range of practice-based outputs that have not heretofore been available to the research community. 

PRIMO website 

New items

'The Birth of Kala'

Steering Group

Dr Paul Archbold (IMR)

Prof. Martin Clayton (Durham)

Mr Richard Davis (University of London Computer Centre)

Prof. Amanda Glauert (Royal College of Music)

Dr Tim Hughes (Surrey)

Advisory Group

Ms Daisy Abbott (Glasgow School of Art)
Dr Celia Duffy (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)
Prof. David Owen-Norris (University of Southampton)
Dr Tony Whyton (University of Salford)


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