Christopher Redgate

Since his time as a student at the Royal Academy of Music, Christopher Redgate has specialised in the performance of contemporary oboe music. He has been described as having ‘extraordinary exploratory technical brilliance’ (Music Web) and of being a 'tireless champion' of extended techniques (Double Reed Magazine). This specialisation has inspired many composers to write for him and as a result he has given premiere performances of a great number of works.

Christopher Redgate holds an AHRC Fellowship in the Creative Arts at the Royal Academy of Music, which has enabled him to design a new oboe in collaboration with the instrument-maker Howarth of London.


Christopher Redgate Multiphonia

Christopher Redgate performs his virtuoso solo work Multiphonia on the new Redgate/Howarth system oboe.


Multiphonics and the Oboe Document.pdf

Notation of Multiphonics Article.pdf

Paul Archbold Fluxions

Paul Archbold Fluxions for solo oboe and chamber ensemble, performed by Christopher Redgate and Ensemble Exposé.

Fluxions Performance

Fluxions Documentary

Brian Ferneyhough Schatten aus Wasser und Stein

Brian Ferneyhough discusses his new work, with demonstrations by Christopher Redgate.

About the Title, Ferneyhough 'Schatten aus Wasser und Stein'

Ferneyhough, 'Schatten aus Wasser und Stein', Microtones

Ferneyhough, 'Schatten aus Wasser und Stein', Multiphonics

Michael Finnissy 'Âwâz-e Niyâz

Michael Finnissy, 'Âwâz-e Niyâz' world première

Howarth-Redgate Oboe

A series of films examining the development of the Howarth-Redgate Oboe, funded by an AHRC research fellowship at the Royal Academy of Music.

Background Research Howarth-Redgate Oboe

Introduction to the Howarth-Redgate Oboe

Pointers for Composers Howarth- Redgate Oboe

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