Elision has established a virtuosic profile for the performance of new music. The ensemble has a reputation for delivering authoritative interpretations of complex, unusual and challenging aesthetics often developed in close collaboration with the composer. Its practice ranges from concert giving to cross-disciplinary projects with a range of new media and visual artists, performance-installation works and the use of improvisational experiences as a creative tool to inform structured and formally notated music.


Liza Lim 'The Navigator'

The Navigator Andrew Watts, countertenor
The Beloved Talise Trevigne, coloratura soprano
First Siren/ The Crone Philip Larson, bass baritone
Second Siren/ The Fool Omar Ebrahim, baritone
Third Siren/ The Angel of History Deborah Kayser, Baroque alto
Elision Ensemble

Liza Lim 'Invisibility'

Performer: Séverine Ballon

Liza Lim 'Songs found in dream'

Performers: Elision Ensemble

Elision Ensemble


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